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Sector Expert: Nick Waddell

Cantech Letter

Image: Nick Waddell

Nick Waddell is Founding Editor of Cantech Letter. Founded in 2008, Cantech Letter is an online magazine focusing on Canadian-listed technology stocks. The site has grown into one of the most popular and respected financial sites in Canada, and was recently described by Canadian Business Magazine as "one of Canada's premier technology newsletters." Waddell, who is senior editor, is routinely called on by the mainstream media for perspective on Canadian tech stocks, and has been featured on BNN as well as the CBC program The Lang and O’Leary Exchange.

Recent Interviews

Looking at Small Medtech and Biotech in Canada: Nick Waddell (5/3/12)

Is there a developing Silicon Valley model in Canada? Not quite yet, but Publisher and Founding Editor Nick Waddell of the Vancouver-based Cantech Letter would like to see that happen. Meanwhile, he's looking for—and finding—exciting small- and micro-cap ideas as potential big returners. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Waddell discusses current favorite healthcare names that will surely surprise people who have not been looking North.

Recent Quotes

"VPT's device can increase speed of diagnosis by as much as 20 times."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Nick Waddell (5/3/12)
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"ZMS could be the next big thing."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Nick Waddell (5/3/12)
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