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Sector Expert: Dallas Kachan

Kachan & Co.

Image: Dallas Kachan

Dallas Kachan, managing partner of Kachan & Co. is former managing director and executive editor of the Cleantech Group, credited with coining the term cleantech and founding the cleantech investment class. He is author of 400+ cleantech articles and reports, a regular speaker at cleantech events worldwide and is cited widely as a cleantech market dynamics and technology expert.

Recent Interviews

Opportunities in Clean Mining: Dallas Kachan (3/13/12)

Cleantech companies are exploring—and exploiting—the connections between many sectors of the energy, infrastructure and other industrial markets. Dallas Kachan, principal of cleantech research and consulting firm Kachan & Co. in Vancouver, points to the emergence of "clean" mining as an important investment theme for 2012. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, Kachan shares some companies using green techniques to improve their bottom lines.

Recent Quotes

"AMY's lower-power roasting process uses only ~6% of the energy normally required."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Dallas Kachan (3/13/12)
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