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Sector Expert: Greg Weldon

Weldon's Money Monitor

Image: Greg Weldon

Greg Weldon started his Wall Street career working in the Comex Gold and Silver Pits after graduating Colgate University. He progressed as an institutional sales broker at Lehman and Prudential before joining Moore Capital as a proprietary trader. At Moore, Weldon honed his systematic trading methodology and risk management discipline before joining Commodity Corporation where he became one of its top risk-adjusted money managers. Today, he publishes Weldon's Money Monitor, The Metal Monitor and The ETF Playbook, in addition to operating his Managed Futures Account Program as a CTA. He has a unique ability to define and forecast the market's direction through his proprietary dissection of fundamental and technical market data. Weldon Financial is now a highly regarded and profitable publishing company, having garnered some of the world's most respected fund managers as loyal and daily readers.

Weldon published Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor, in late 2006 in which he predicted the current global credit crisis and discussed the impact on gold from intensified central bank debt monetization.

Recent Interviews

Gold Prices Driven Higher by Europe and China: Greg Weldon and Grant Williams (2/8/12)

Preserving wealth in a volatile political and financial world is a job for gold. Greg Weldon, publisher of Weldon's Money Monitor newsletter and Grant Williams, a portfolio advisor at Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore, will share their insights at the Cambridge House California Investment Conference Feb. 11–12. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, they answer the question: How low and high can gold go?

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