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Jeffrey Cohen, director, equity research with Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc., has more than 20 years of professional experience in the worldwide financial markets, working with such companies as Cantor Fitzgerald, the American Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) and Sanwa Bank. For the past 13 years, Cohen has been actively involved in direct research, analysis and marketing pertaining to the growing $2.7T U.S. healthcare sector, including detailed fundamental and financial analysis specific to the development, marketing, delivery and commercialization of medical technologies, therapeutics and various other healthcare solutions. During the past seven years, Cohen has developed, published and presented detailed fundamental analytical reports and financial models for more than 34 publicly traded and privately held medical technology, healthcare service and biotechnology companies with more than $14B in aggregate market capitalization. Cohen is an engineer by early training and education (BSE University of Pennsylvania), including several years of experience planning, designing and implementing complex fixed-rail automated transportation systems. He also holds a master's degree in business administration and various FINRA licenses.

Recent Quotes

"VIVE expanded the commercial sales force in Q1/18 to a total of 42."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (5/11/18)
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"VIVE announced FDA approval of its IDE application for VIVEVE II."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (3/19/18)
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"VIVE's cash as of Q4/17 was $20.7M."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (3/16/18)
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"VIVE intends to expand its CMRF platform into a new market."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (2/2/18)
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"VIVE's revenue of $15.3M for FY17 beat our estimate of $15.2M."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (1/4/18)
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"VIVE raised its outlook for 2017 revenues from $14M to $15–16M."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (11/9/17)
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"We believe that VIVE is currently in discussion with the agency and that a formal IDE would be submitted in the coming months such that a study (VIVEVE II) would commence in late 2017."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (8/11/17)
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"VIVE has plans for dual pathways into the U.S. marketplace of which the first has been approved."

— Jeff Cohen, Ladenburg Thalmann (5/12/17)
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