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Geoff Meacham is an analyst with Barclays. Previously, Meacham was with J.P.Morgan as a senior biotechnology analyst, and was an equity analyst at UBS, following early-stage biotech and life science companies for about four years. Meacham has been ranked since 2007 in the Institutional Investor poll, including a No. 2 ranking since 2008. His research coverage spans large-cap biotech companies with a global reach as well as small, development-stage companies. He also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for two years in a research-and-development capacity, Meacham holds a Ph.D. in cell biology and a bachelor's degree in biology/microbiology.

Recent Quotes

"GILD has solid fundamentals and a best-in-class HIV franchise."

— Geoff Meacham, JPMorgan Chase (1/4/12)
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