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LifeTech Capital President and Senior Managing Director Stephen Dunn was previously the managing director of Life Sciences Research at Jesup & Lamont, as well as director of research for Dawson James Securities and director of Life Sciences at Cabot Adams venture capital group. He has held management positions in business development, finance and operations, having worked in more than 25 countries in North America, Europe and the Far East with biomedical companies including Beckman Coulter, Coulter, Cordis (Johnson & Johnson) and Telectronics (St. Jude Medical), as well as several smaller companies. With more than 25 years in the global biomedical industry, Dunn has negotiated numerous intellectual property licenses, product development agreements, venture funding, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. Dunn is a five-star biotechnology analyst on StarMine and has appeared in both the financial and scientific media, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Newsweek, Forbes, Nightly Business Report, Nature Biotechnology, The Scientist, BioWorld and many other media outlets. He is a frequent speaker and panel member for many financial, medical and venture capital events.

Recent Interviews

Immuno-Oncology Promises Continued Wealth and Health: LifeTech Capital's Stephen Dunn (2/19/15)

Immuno-oncology—disabling cancer's defenses so that a patient's own immune system can seek it out and destroy it—took center stage in the drug development world in 2014. Stephen Dunn of LifeTech Capital believes that preeminence will continue in 2015, bolstered by new drug approvals, new targets and new combination immunotherapies that increase potency. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dunn outlines how companies large and small are leveraging these therapies, and where investors should look for opportunity in the sector.

ASCO Abuzz About Immunotherapies: A Preview of the Latest in Cancer Therapy from Stephen Dunn (5/28/14)

Working in what is arguably the hottest sector in the drug development industry, biotech researchers continue to ferret out cancer's secrets. The premier event for those in the field is the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, taking place in Chicago from May 30 to June 1. Participants have submitted abstracts for promising therapies in advance of the conference, profiling new compounds that could lead to better outcomes for patients and bolster the health of investment portfolios. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital's Stephen Dunn walks us through some of the highlights.

Can Stem Cells Regenerate Your Portfolio? Stephen Dunn Says Yes (9/27/12)

Once the subject of intense political debate, stem cell therapies may soon be a therapeutic mainstay of healthcare. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital's President and Senior Managing Director of Research Stephen Dunn explores the history of stem cell therapy and discusses companies that are reviving this "old" technique for profit.

Recent Quotes

"Data from CBMG's Phase 1, CAR T trial will be presented Sept. 25–29."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (9/14/15)
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"CBMG is now evaluating options for CD40LGVAX clinical trials."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (8/17/15)
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"CBMG has received two new certifications from the China Food and Drug Administration."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (7/27/15)
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"CBMG represents an opportunity for savvy investors."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (7/13/15)
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"CBMG is acquiring CD40LGVAX, a lung adenocarcinoma vaccine."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (6/10/15)
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"CBMG's fundamentals have gotten stronger over the past five weeks."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (5/6/15)
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"Investors should keep a close eye on CBMG during 2015."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Stephen Dunn (2/19/15)
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"We foresee significant upside potential for CBMG and are increasing our target price."

— Stephen Dunn, LifeTech Capital (2/17/15)
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