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Image: Marcel Fuhrer

Marcel Fuhrer, partner, is responsible for the technical portfolio management and the strategic analyses at Bamert & Partner. After gaining training at the CREDIT SUISSE Group, he acquired further experience as a securities trader at an asset management company in Zurich, followed by a 15-year period as portfolio manager with Dexia Privatebank (Switzerland). Marcel acted also as a member of Dexia‘'s Investment Committee. He has a diploma degree as a Chartered European Financial Analyst.

Recent Interviews

Rare Earth Metals that Fit the Trends: Marcel Fuhrer (1/17/12)

Success in the critical metals sector depends on finding the trends—how the metals will be used, where market share is allocated—and on familiarity with the companies you invest in, from who is on the management team to how much cash they have on hand. Bamert & Partner Portfolio Manager and Partner Marcel Fuhrer shares his views in this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview.

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"TLH is already in production and has very good partners in Japan to buy its lithium."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Marcel Fuhrer (1/17/12)
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"The low-cost structure of its project means AMY can easily compete with Chinese producers."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Marcel Fuhrer (1/17/12)
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