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Ivor Ries is a senior analyst and director of industrial research at E L & C Baillieu Ltd., a long established stockbroking firm with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Bendigo and Newcastle. Ries joined the world of stockbroking in 2001 after a 22-year career in media, included reporting and commentary roles with The Age, Business Review Weekly and The Australian Financial Review. Ries joined E L & C Baillieu in July 2001. The firm specializes in research and corporate advice for medium-sized industrial and resource companies and counts many of the country's major institutional investors as clients. Ries' areas of specialization are utilities, oil and gas as well as online media and e-commerce. A native of Queensland, Australia, Ries lives in Melbourne with his wife and daughters. He is a Brisbane Lions supporter.

Recent Interviews

Down-Under Energy Opportunities: Ivor Ries (4/26/12)

Most investors may not have Australian resource companies on their radar screens, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some great opportunities worth pursuing Down Under. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Ivor Ries, utilities and energy analyst at E.L. & C. Baillieu Stockbroking Ltd., one of Australia's oldest securities firms, describes the challenges faced by energy-related companies in his country and how they are taking advantage of the opportunities available both at home and in the U.S., Canada and South America.

Recent Quotes

"We're very excited about MPO's Wolfcamp play."

The Energy Report Interview with Ivor Ries (4/26/12)
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"MPO's higher level of ownership makes it a more attractive partner (or target)."

— Ivor Ries, Baillieu Holst Ltd (4/10/12)
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"MPO offers exposure to high impact unconventional oil and gas exploration campaigns."

— Ivor Ries, Baillieu Holst Ltd (2/13/12)
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"MPO trades at a considerable discount to its net asset value."

— Ivor Ries, Baillieu Holst Ltd (1/31/12)
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"MPO continues to build on its highly attractive Wolfcamp land bank."

— Ivor Ries, Baillieu Holst Ltd (12/1/11)
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— Ivor Ries, Baillieu Holst Ltd (11/30/11)
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