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Sector Expert: Peter Zhang

JF Zhang Associates

Image: Peter  Zhang

Peter Zhang is the Principal Consultant, Chief China Strategist, Founder and Director of JF Zhang Associates. Prior to founding JF Zhang and Associates, Peter served as Founding Director of Rara Terra Capital, a TSX.V-listed company. As a columnist for China Press, Zhang produced commentary for one of the most circulated Chinese newspaper in the U.S.

Recent Interviews

J. Peter Zhang: U.S. Manganese Supply Is a Strategic Necessity (10/4/11)

North America needs to develop a domestic Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM) supply, says JF Zhang Associates' Principal Consultant and Chief China Strategist J. Peter Zhang. In this exclusive interview with The Critical Metals Report, he explains the far-reaching implications EMM and REE supply have for the global economy, highlighting America's best bet for developing an advanced, cost-effective supply source—and the reasons investors may want to be part of it.

Recent Quotes

"Using new technology could make AMY a major player in the EMM world."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with J. Peter Zhang (10/4/11)
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