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Commodity Capital

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Tobias Tretter is managing director and chief investment officer for Zurich-based Commodity Capital AG, founded in 2009. He is responsible for making investment decisions of the Commodity Capital Global Mining Fund, and for selecting the indexes. Tretter is a graduate of Bayreuth University in Germany, where he obtained his business administration degree with a focus on finance and banking management and wrote his practical thesis analyzing the lifecycle of raw materials companies. He began his career with Credit Suisse Asset Management and also worked for Fujitsu Siemens and Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG, gaining practical experience guiding and supporting the DJE Gold and Resources Funds. He has also been a consultant with ERA Resources GmbH and Ullmann, Schmidt & Co. Resource Consult, Augsburg Commodities Research.

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"CFM is is hitting the typical Red Lake mineralization with a very high grade."

The Gold Report Interview with Tobias Tretter (5/29/13)
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