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Sector Expert: Mo Dawoud

Wall Street for Main Street

Image: Mo Dawoud

Mo Dawoud graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Finance. He is the co-founder of Wall St for Main St, a financial education company focusing on providing information on the economy and the market to contemporary Main Street investors. Mo believes in the Austrian school of economics and a free-market economy. He is an expert in technical analysis and fundamental analysis. His interviews and articles can be found on Forbes, Money Show, Financial sense and The Daily Gold. His technical analysis work has been featured in Kerr's Commodity Trading Newsletter. For more information on Mo Dawoud, go to

Recent Interviews

Rare Earth Metals Is a Stock-Pickers Market: Jason Burack and Mo Dawoud (2/28/12)

In the wake of a 2011 roller coaster ride in the rare earth market, the sector still holds promise for astute investors, argue Wall St. for Main St. co-founders Jason Burack and Mo Dawoud. In this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview, the pair name the six major REE projects that could rocket back up out of 200-odd juniors competing in this space.

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