Sector Expert: Dan Hrushewsky

Dan Hrushewsky, senior precious metals analyst at Jennings Capital, is primarily responsible for African precious metals. He joined Jennings Capital in Toronto from NCP Northland Capital Partners, and was previously senior vice president, corporate development with Chalice Gold Mines and vice president of High River Gold. Hrushewsky has nearly 30 years of experience within the mining sector. Hrushewsky holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto, a Master of Business Administration degree from McMaster University and is a CFA.

Recent Interviews

Quality over Quantity Stressed at Colorado Conferences (10/4/13)

If it is fall, it must be conference season in Colorado. The Denver Gold Forum, held Sept 22–25, was an invitation-only event billed as featuring seven-eighths of the world's publicly traded gold and silver companies measured by production. It was preceded by the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, which focused on smaller, emerging companies, some 90 of them with market caps of at least $20 million. Attendees included analysts, fund managers and institutional investors eager to hear updates on companies they own—or may want to own in the future. The Gold Report Publisher Karen Roche and Associate Publisher Jason Mallin were there and brought back this report.

Dan Hrushewsky: Low-Cost, High-Margin Mining in West Africa (8/7/13)

AfricaThere are two things investors pay too much attention to, according to Jennings Capital Analyst Dan Hrushewsky: metals prices and grade. Why? Extremes of low and high prices never last, and high grades don't always make for economic deposits. In this interview with The Gold Report, Hrushewsky explains the metrics behind his all-in cash cost estimates and profiles West African projects that are connecting the dots.

West Africa—Still Early Days with Lots of Potential: Dan Hrushewsky (4/10/13)

AfricaJennings Capital Analyst Dan Hrushewsky sees investors' understanding of risk as directly related to the unknown. West Africa is unknown to many investors but it has a long history of mining, good infrastructure, favorable geography, many active producers and huge potential. In this interview with The Gold Report, Hrushewsky details three gold mining business models and specific companies active in West Africa that provide investors with asymmetric possibilities of limited downside and strong upside in a world-class mining jurisdiction.

Recent Quotes

"TGZ's cash balance was $32M as of Sept. 30, 2013."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (11/7/13)
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"In Q3/13, TGZ reached nameplate mill capacity of 3.5 Mtpa."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (10/30/13)
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"AKG entered a loan agreement for $150M to fund Esaase construction."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (10/25/13)
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"TGM's Karma is a high-grade, heap-leach gold project with excellent recoveries and leach kinetics."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (10/17/13)
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"A deal with the 56.5% Oromin JV partners would result in a rerating of TGZ's stock."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (10/1/13)
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"TGM received a key environmental permit for Karma."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (9/20/13)
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"TGZ's standalone mine plan maximizes near-term cash flow."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (9/20/13)
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"The exceptional 55 Zone at ROG's Yaramoko shows a 96% recovery rate."

— Dan Hrushewsky, Jennings Capital (9/17/13)
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