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Sector Expert: Christopher Henwood

Thomson Reuters

Image: Christopher Henwood

Each day Commodity and Energy Specialist Christopher Henwood's work at Thomson Reuters pits him squarely against the nuance and volatility of energy markets as he evaluates them from both a technical and fundamental perspective. Chris has a law degree from Rutgers University, and he was admitted to the New York State Bar in January 2011. He earned his undergraduate degree at Dickinson College.

Recent Interviews

Christopher Henwood: Get Out of the Way and Let Markets Work (8/23/11)

Thomson Reuters' Commodity and Energy Specialist Christopher Henwood believes bailouts of too-big-to-fail companies and countries addicted to entitlements have cast an ominous shadow over the global economy. Nevertheless, he finds room for optimism as global economic turmoil puts downward pressure on energy prices, which should give the economy some breathing room. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Chris shares a bit of his market knowledge and economic philosophy.

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