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Sector Expert: Olivier Tielens

Image: Olivier Tielens

Olivier Tielens started to invest in the gold mining space in 2004. He's involved in a private fund that invests in juniors, mostly in gold and silver. He worked in banking after his studies, as well as in trading in Hong Kong. Tielens has a Master of Business Administration degree, as well as a Master in Finance degree.

Recent Interviews

European Investor Olivier Tielens: In a Sideways Gold Market, Explorers Offer the Most Upside (2/25/15)
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It is a wonderful thing for miners to increase production and cut costs, says private investor Olivier Tielens. Unfortunately, in today's market, producers are not getting great prices for their gold and silver. In this interview with The Gold Report, Tielens argues that investors with positions in explorers that make discoveries realize immediate and major gains. In addition, he names four juniors with a high likelihood of positive reratings in 2015.

Recent Quotes

"MD is a well-run company with cash, access to cash and 10 active JVs, which is remarkable."

The Gold Report Interview with Olivier Tielens (2/25/15)
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"TMM's takeover of Newstrike Capital will give it a superb pipeline."

The Gold Report Interview with Olivier Tielens (2/25/15)
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"GPR's discoveries at San Ignacio are amazing."

The Gold Report Interview with Olivier Tielens (2/24/15)
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