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Image: James Turk

James Turk has over 40 years of experience in international banking, finance and investments. He began his career at The Chase Manhattan Bank where he worked on assignments in Thailand, the Phiippines and Hong Kong. In 1983, he was appointed as manager of the Commodity Department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. After leaving that post in 1987, he went on to hold various advisory roles in money management. In 2001 Turk co-founded GoldMoney and remains a director of the group. He makes regular conference appearances around the world, provides commentary for numerous publications and newswires as well as producing articles for his website Free Gold Money Report and GoldMoney.

Recent Interviews

Gold and Bitcoin: Currencies of the Future—James Turk (5/15/13)

Europe, says James Turk, founder and chairman of GoldMoney, is in the midst of two crises—one in the banking sector, the other related to economic activity, and capital is needed to solve both. As to the allegedly strong dollar, Turk, in this interview with The Gold Report, suggests comparing it to the price of gold rather than other fiat currencies for a better picture. And the world's newest currency—Bitcoin—has a lot in common with one of the oldest—gold.

Great Deals on Gold and Silver: James Turk (2/1/12)

GoldMoney Founder and Chairman James Turk knows how to find great deals on gold and silver. He claims that the 2012 bottom for gold came during the first week in January. If the year's low is already history and if his projection that gold will hit the $2,000/oz mark within three months is on target, you do the math. "Gold is way too cheap," he tells The Gold Report in this exclusive interview.

Silver Summit Report: Three Investment Approaches to the Volatile Metal (10/21/11)

For this special report from the Cambridge House Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington, The Gold Report caught up with three silver investing experts: James Turk, chairman of GoldMoney; Andrew Kaip, vice president of Precious Metals & Mining at BMO Capital Markets; and Ian McAvity, a writer at Deliberations on World Markets. While the three didn't all agree on why silver acts the way it does, they all said that it belongs in some form in a diversified portfolio—but only for those who can handle volatility.

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