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Dave Forest is chief operating officer of Condoto Platinum NL and managing geologist of Pierce Points, a free weekly e-letter covering the natural resource sector and commodities markets. A geologist, he has worked for over a decade in the oil and gas, mining, and environmental sectors.

Recent Interviews

Dave Forest: How to Play the Looming Platinum Supply Crisis (9/3/13)

South Africa, platinum mining giant, is about to fall off the investment map, says Dave Forest of Pierce Points. Until the country sorts out its labor politics, there is a real need to establish alternative sources of platinum group metals, vanadium and manganese. In other words, while it's a bad time to be a miner in South Africa, it's a good time to hold in-ground reserves. In this interview with The Metals Report, Forest names deposits in the Americas and elsewhere in Africa with the potential to meet global platinum needs. But he's choosing carefully, because even in times of scarcity, Forest argues, it just won't do to develop anything other than the best, most economic mining projects.

Dave Forest: You Need to Know This About Natural Gas (11/11/10)

Shale gas changed everything, according to professional geologist and Pierce Points Newsletter Writer Dave Forest. Using hydraulic fracturing technology, North American gas producers have unlocked trillions of cubic feet of new, unconventional gas reserves from shale over the past decade. So, with all this new supply, why has U.S. gas demand remained relatively flat? What will drive prices higher? In this Energy Report exclusive, Dave reveals that Eagle Ford producers could give their gas away and still make a tidy profit on the shale wells selling nat gas liquids.

Dave Forest: Stick with Proven Track Records and Potential for Discovery (7/9/09)

From drill rig counts to oil/gas ratios and renewables, Pierce Points author Dave Forest shares his thoughts on the direction the energy sector is headed in this exclusive Energy Report interview. Since predicting commodity prices in the short to medium term is almost impossible, Dave looks for companies with a solid track record and the potential for discovery, which is where the real money investing in the exploration sector is made.

Recent Quotes

"RDS and its partners are serious about realizing Pacific exports."

— Dave Forest, Pierce Points (5/28/14)
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The Metals Report Interview with Dave Forest (9/3/13)
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"EGZ could be a very viable source of vanadium supply."

The Metals Report Interview with Dave Forest (9/3/13)
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