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Sector Expert: Alistair Toward

PI Financial

Image: Alistair Toward

Alistair Toward joined PI Financial Corp.'s Calgary office in April 2010 focusing on junior to mid-size domestic energy companies. Alistair brings over 16 years of financial and industry experience to PI, including 10 years as an oil and gas analyst. He began his analytical career with Gordon Capital/HSBC. He also covered the explorer and producer segment at Research Capital, Clarus Securities Inc. and most recently, Thomas Weisel Partners. Toward has a B achelor of Arts degree in communications from McGill University and is a chartered financial analyst.

Recent Interviews

Canada's Heavy Oil Producers Are Positioned for Big Payoffs: Alistair Toward (8/20/13)

Companies that can hunker down in low-margin environments will often wow markets during recoveries. Heavy oil producers are the next case in point, says PI Financial Oil and Gas Analyst Alistair Toward. Improved heavy oil pricing means these producers are enjoying significantly bigger netbacks. As heavy oil producers release their quarterly financial results, those bottom-line payoffs are likely to make waves. In this interview with The Energy Report, find out how to invest in this high-beta space before all the earnings reports are in.

Oil Distribution Hiccups Will Be Resolved: Alistair Toward (4/5/12)

North America's oil and gas landscape is a crisscrossed map of distribution bottlenecks and price discrepancies. Nonetheless, opportunities abound for investors who know where to look, says PI Financial Analyst Alistair Toward, who expects a probable buildout in oil and gas "plumbing" to resolve North America's current distribution woes. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Toward discusses companies that are benefiting from low natural gas prices, naming several light and heavy oil producers on his radar. Even in troubled markets, he argues, investors should not stop searching for the Next Big Thing.

Recent Quotes

"So profound is the royalty incentive news that it gives RE fresh legs."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (5/14/14)
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"RE's recent valuation gains and grass roots exploration success make it our Top Pick."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (3/31/14)
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"EQU has entered into a definitive agreement with Petroflow Energy for the cash purchase of all outstanding shares."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (12/10/13)
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"EQU's new resource update has increased its reserves by 25%."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (8/9/13)
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"EQU is undervalued."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (5/9/13)
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"EQU is undervalued; we reiterate our Buy rating."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (3/25/13)
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"We have long considered EQU to be undervalued."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (2/8/13)
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"EQU's balance sheet is close to best in class."

— Alistair Toward, PI Financial (11/29/12)
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