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Sector Expert: Paul Dockweiler

Silver Spartan

Image: Paul Dockweiler

Paul Dockweiler, who holds a geology degree from Michigan State University, is the founder of the consulting firm Silver Spartan LLC. He previously worked with Geologist Steve Craig at Mineral Ridge.

Recent Interviews

Paul Dockweiler: Right Place, Right Time (4/18/11)

Armed with a degree in geology, in 2003 Silver Spartan LLC Founder Paul Dockweiler got himself invited to explore in a mineral-rich area of southwestern Nevada that was falling out of favor because the price of gold barely covered the cost of production. As Paul explains in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, a lot of virgin ground with the same mineralogy as a past-producing mine had never even been drilled and, of course, the gold price has since marched up fivefold.

Recent Quotes

"doing a great job managing these properties and creating outside interest"

The Gold Report Interview with Paul Dockweiler (4/18/11)
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"discovering mineralization throughout property; latest drill results look good"

The Gold Report Interview with Paul Dockweiler (4/18/11)
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