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Ken Reser, an independent mining consultant, has over 20 years of direct involvement in the gold mining market industry, as well as having been a placer gold miner for a number of years in Yukon and British Columbia. Since 1990, he has had significant investor and public relations experience with junior base metal miners, gold, diamond and oil explorationists. Ken has consulted on gold exploration and prospecting projects in Ghana and Bolivia, as well as having staked his own extensive mineral claims in Lac De Gras, NWT, British Columbia and Yukon.

Recent Interviews

The Reser Report: Wanted—Domestic Electrolytic Manganese Metal (7/26/11)

"The global shift to green energy has put pressure on metallurgical scientists to advance new applications. The days of infinite deposits and low base metals prices are over—forever."

Ken Reser: Manganese, a Major Growth Opportunity (3/16/11)

Consultant Ken Reser developed an early interest in molybdenum as a vital resource. In 2007, he became intensely interested in manganese as an element that would gain prominence due to its unique properties. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Ken shares some thoughts on the significance of manganese and how investors might play growing demand for the metal.

Recent Quotes

"AMY is now leading the way in becoming the next and only EMM producer in the U.S."

— Ken Reser, Ken Reser Consulting (7/25/11)
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"Substantial renewed interest in Artillery Peak by USGS and Arizona GS."

— Ken Reser, Ken Reser Consulting (7/8/11)
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"Hermosa is a very robust project"

The Gold Report Interview with Ken Reser (3/16/11)
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"15 Blb. EMM resource can be greatly expanded with an eco-friendly process"

The Gold Report Interview with Ken Reser (3/16/11)
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