Sector Expert: Larisa Sprott

Sprott Money

Image: Larisa Sprott

Larisa Sprott joined Sprott Money Ltd. in the role of President in December 2009. Larisa has more than 15 years experience in the financial industry

Recent Interviews

The Sprotts: Silver Poised for Power Rally (7/11/11)

Opportunities abound in small- and mid-cap silver companies, according to Sprott Inc. Chairman Eric Sprott. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Eric Sprott and Sprott Money Ltd. President Larisa Sprott say the fundamentals that drive the price of silver are as strong now as before the spring selloff—maybe even stronger—even though volatility is causing buyers to hold back a bit.

The Sprotts Expect Silver to Keep on Sizzling (3/11/11)

Sprott Money Chairman Eric Sprott and President Larisa Sprott sing the praises of the "poor man's gold" in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. "We'll certainly see a three-digit price," Eric predicts, noting, "All the data supports the thesis that silver is undervalued." Larisa explains how the company's business model differs from others in the space and reveals plans to open Sprott Money USA within the year.

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