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Sector Expert: David Galland

Casey Research

Image: David Galland

David Galland is the managing director of Casey Research, LLC, a private investment research company serving a subscriber base of over 180,000 independent mining investors in over 180 countries. Prior to joining Doug Casey as a partner in Casey Research, Galland was a founding partner of EverBank, one of the world's most successful online banks. Galland cut his teeth in the natural resource sector by working at the Climax molybdenum mine while in his teens, and has previously served as managing editor of the Gold Newsletter, the Aden Analysis, the International Speculator and The Casey Report, among others. He is also a contributor to Casey's Daily Digest, which each business day features rotating articles on precious metals, energy, technology, politics and more.

Recent Interviews

The Casey Downturn Millionaires' Message: Why David Galland Is Answering His Broker's Calls Again (4/5/13)

Natural resource investors have experienced a tough year. The price of gold bullion has fallen from its 2011 highs and the prices of good junior companies have been slashed to as little as half their former valuations. All the more reason to start returning broker phone calls according to David Galland, Casey Research managing director, speaking on the Friday eve of the webinar he is moderating that features some of the biggest names in the industry.

The webinar, "Downturn Millionaires: How to Make a Fortune in Beaten-Down Markets," features Casey Research Founder Doug Casey, Sprott Global Resource Investments Founder Rick Rule, International Speculator Editor Louis James, "Endgame" Author John Mauldin and Diary of a Rogue Economist Editor Bill Bonner. In this interview with The Gold Report, Galland shares the motivation behind assembling this all-star cast for a golden wake-up call.

Is $1,740 Gold a Blip or a Trend? Notes from the Casey Research Summit (9/10/12)

When the price of gold shot up 2% Friday to settle at $1,738/ounce the first day of Casey Research's "Navigating the Politicized Economy" Summit, the faculty and attendees all had their own interpretation of what the metal was saying about the macroeconomy and the future of their portfolios.

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