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Sector Expert: Kim Pacanovsky

Imperial Capital

Image: Kim Pacanovsky

Kim Pacanovsky, Ph.D. joined MLV & Co as a managing director in research in May 2010. Pacanovsky concentrates on small- to mid-cap independent exploration and production companies within the oil and gas sector. Prior to joining MLV, she co-initiated the oil and gas research practice at Collins Stewart LLC, the U.S.-based full service investment banking arm of U.K.-based Collins Stewart Plc. She was also an explorer and producer (E&P) analyst at Ferris, Baker Watts Inc. and KeyBank Capital Markets. Dr. Pacanovsky has also worked as a consultant for Superior Well Services, an oilfield services firm. She has over 15 years of E&P equity research experience and holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Stony Brook University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Recent Interviews

Who's Winning Big in Lopsided Energy Markets?: Kim Pacanovsky (10/9/12)

Industry experts are all over the map on short- and long-term projections, but producers are still pumping and there's money to be made in oil and gas. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Kim Pacanovsky, managing director of research at MLV & Co., discusses some sweet spots in energy markets, including some companies that are enjoying success at the well.

Recent Quotes

"We are initiating coverage of FXEN."

— Kim Pacanovsky, Imperial Capital (12/20/13)
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"The 5 MMcf/d drill stem test flow rate from FXEN's Tuchola-3K well increases our optimism on the stock."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (4/29/13)
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"FXEN is in strong financial shape."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (3/20/13)
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"We are enthusiastic about FXEN's potential in the Fences area; we maintain our Buy rating."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (3/15/13)
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"FXEN has been quite successful within the Fences concession."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (2/5/13)
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"FXEN has a host of strong prospects."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (10/31/12)
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"FXEN found gas saturation and good porosity in the Main Dolomite."

— Kim Pacanovsky, Imperial Capital (10/10/12)
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"My favorite company is FXEN; we predict it could have six or seven well results per year starting in 2013, which is very exciting."

The Energy Report Interview with Kim Pacanovsky (10/9/12)
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