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Kim Pacanovsky, Ph.D. joined MLV & Co as a managing director in research in May 2010. Pacanovsky concentrates on small- to mid-cap independent exploration and production companies within the oil and gas sector. Prior to joining MLV, she co-initiated the oil and gas research practice at Collins Stewart LLC, the U.S.-based full service investment banking arm of U.K.-based Collins Stewart Plc. She was also an explorer and producer (E&P) analyst at Ferris, Baker Watts Inc. and KeyBank Capital Markets. Dr. Pacanovsky has also worked as a consultant for Superior Well Services, an oilfield services firm. She has over 15 years of E&P equity research experience and holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Stony Brook University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Recent Quotes

"We are initiating coverage of FXEN."

— Kim Pacanovsky, Imperial Capital (12/20/13)
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"The 5 MMcf/d drill stem test flow rate from FXEN's Tuchola-3K well increases our optimism on the stock."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (4/29/13)
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"FXEN is in strong financial shape."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (3/20/13)
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"We are enthusiastic about FXEN's potential in the Fences area; we maintain our Buy rating."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (3/15/13)
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"FXEN has been quite successful within the Fences concession."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (2/5/13)
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"FXEN has a host of strong prospects."

— Kim Pacanovsky, MLV & Co (10/31/12)
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"FXEN found gas saturation and good porosity in the Main Dolomite."

— Kim Pacanovsky, Imperial Capital (10/10/12)
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"My favorite company is FXEN; we predict it could have six or seven well results per year starting in 2013, which is very exciting."

The Energy Report Interview with Kim Pacanovsky (10/9/12)
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