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Sector Expert: Jamie Somerville

Recent Quotes

"BNK successfully fracked the Nickel Hill 36-3H well and 12 additional stages in the Emery 17-1H well."

— Jamie Somerville, TD Securities (5/15/15)
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"TNP's production is achieving best-in-class netbacks."

— Jamie Somerville, (2/28/12)
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"TNP fracked five wells and achieved initial production rates averaging 2 Mcf/d."

— Jamie Somerville, (1/10/12)
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"We expect TNP's management progress to lead to better returns."

— Jamie Somerville, (10/12/11)
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"TAT could start to report significant production growth."

— Jamie Somerville, (5/9/11)
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"partners have been found and the deal appears to be going ahead"

— Jamie Somerville, (2/11/11)
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