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Sector Expert: Eric Hommelberg

Gold Driver's Report

Eric Hommelberg is co-founder and CEO of ValcambiGold Inc., a bullion store for Valcambi precious metals products. Hommelberg has written many extensive gold market commentaries with a strong focus on junior gold mining companies.

Recent Interviews

Eric Hommelberg: A 2,000 Dow or $10,000 Gold? (7/8/11)

Eric Hommelberg has called a few in his day. In 2009, he predicted gold would reach $1,300/oz. the following year. And it did. But $1,800/oz. gold by the end of the year? Gold has recently come off its high of $1,580/oz., but Hommelberg, a principal of, isn't discouraged. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Hommelberg makes a few more predictions.

Eric Hommelberg: Hold That Gold! (10/20/09)

Since the bull gold market began in 2001, Gold Drivers Report publisher and Bullion Store proprietor Eric Hommelberg argues that gold has significantly outperformed the Dow in terms of valuations, and as he sees it, the bull run will last at least until the middle of the next decade. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, Eric explains that while he prefers the precious metals in physical form, he recommends holding a select set of junior explorers, too—ones with trustworthy, savvy managements and promising drill results.

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