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Sector Expert: Alexander Montano

ROTH Capital Partners

Image: Alexander Montano

Alexander G. Montano is managing director of investment baking at ROTH Capital Partners. Previously, he served as managing director of the corporate finance group for C. K. Cooper & Company. He was rated a five-star/all-star analyst by Zacks in 2002 and top oil analyst by The Wall Street Journal in 2003.

Recent Interviews

Alexander Montano: "Technology Is Key" with E&P Plays (9/21/10)

Alexander Montano, managing director of the Corporate Finance Group with California-based C. K. Cooper & Co., puts a lot of faith in technology when it comes to making oil and gas plays pay. Alex sees major opportunities for new technology in old oil basins and suggests some names making good on that thesis in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report.

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