Sector Expert: Knox Henderson

Knox Henderson is a journalist and capital markets communications consultant. He has advised for a broad range of small cap companies in the resource, life sciences and technology sectors for more than 25 years.

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Blockchain Holdings Acquires Monitoring System, Successfully Implemented in Hong Kong, to Help Stem the Spread of COVID-19 (3/21/20)
Blockchain Holdings Acquires Monitoring System

Simple, non-invasive hospital-style wrist band and SaaS technology could spell explosive growth for company as the world combats the coronavirus.

Draganfly Holds 'Pole Position' in Race for Drone Supremacy After Chinese Barred from US Market (3/2/20)
Drone Supremacy

The company establishes a toehold with U.S. government, homeland security and military contractors, and readies drones to screen for the coronavirus.

Datable's Multi-Channel Rewards Program Converts Data into Dollars with Its Loyal Customers, Top Line Revenue Expected to More Than Double for 2020 (2/25/20)
Rewards Program Converts Data into Dollars

Having attracted major brands such as Universal Pictures, Fandango and Toro to its consumer loyalty and rewards platform, tiny market cap Datable Technology is poised to take off.

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