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Sector Expert: Greg Gordon

Morgan Stanley

Image: Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon has more than 17 years' experience analyzing the power and utility industries. He joined Morgan Stanley as a managing director in 2009, and previously spent six years at Citigroup covering the power and utility industries. Institutional Investor and Greenwich Associates have recognized Greg as one of the top research analysts in his field. He graduated from Drew University with a major in economics and holds the CFA designation.

Recent Interviews

Greg Gordon: Big Deregulated Utilities, Pt. II (6/29/10)

Big deregulated utilities pay solid dividends and offer investors a means to leverage the ongoing economic recovery. But it's a complicated business; that's why we asked Morgan Stanley Analyst Greg Gordon to break it down in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report. In this second half of our two-part interview, Greg explains the difference between deregulated utilities and their regulated counterparts and shares some of his favorite names in the space.

Greg Gordon: Turn on to Big Utilities, Pt. I (6/22/10)

Big U.S. utilities pay big dividends; and right now they're as cheap, relative to bonds, as they've been in nearly a quarter century. Few know these equities better than Morgan Stanley Analyst Greg Gordon, who explains the utilities market and shares some regulated utilities names in this exclusive two-part interview with The Energy Report. Part II will focus on Greg's picks among the deregulated utilities.

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