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Sector Expert: Eric Nuttall

Sprott Asset Management

Image: Eric Nuttall

Eric Nuttall joined Sprott Asset Management in 2003 as a research associate, and was promoted to research analyst in 2005, associate portfolio manager in 2008 and portfolio manager in 2010. He is co-manager of the Sprott Energy Fund and the Sprott 2010 Flow-Through Limited Partnership. His insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and other publications. He holds a bachelor's degree in international business from Carleton University.

Recent Interviews

Get Your Natural Gas Shopping List Ready: Eric Nuttall (4/19/12)

Natural gas is cheap, but it's going to get cheaper. Eric Nuttall, lead portfolio manager of the Sprott Energy Fund, expects the bottom to fall out of the natural gas market as soon as this summer. But he's not all doom and gloom. In fact, he argues that natural gas is about to give investors the buying opportunity of the decade. In addition, Nuttall forecasts spectacular growth for oil-weighted juniors. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, he urges investors to get their shopping lists ready for a massive sale in natural gas names.

Eric Nuttall: Looking for Oil and Gas Values, Not Value Traps (6/30/11)

Sprott Energy Fund Portfolio Manager Eric Nuttall wants an edge when he can find one. He's bullish on oil, but he prefers to play the good oil story, not the commodity. And even though he's bearish on natural gas, he's finding names that may provide exceptional growth. Eric shares his best ideas in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report.

Eric Nuttall: Look for Underlying Oil/Gas Catalysts (9/16/10)

Eric Nuttall, portfolio manager of Sprott Asset Management's Energy Fund, believes there are opportunities in both oil and gas, regardless of commodity prices. "I'm entirely agnostic when it comes to the commodity price. It all comes down to the valuation," Eric explains. Eric talks about some companies that fit that bill in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report.

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"accumulation seems to be one of a very decent size"

The Energy Report Interview with Eric Nuttall (9/16/10)
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