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Sector Expert: David Morgan

The Morgan Report

Image: David Morgan

David Morgan is a widely recognized analyst in the precious metals industry; he consults for hedge funds, mining companies, depositories and individual investors. He is the publisher of The Morgan Report, author of the book The Silver Manifesto, and a featured speaker at investment conferences in North America, Europe and Asia. As a public service, he provides a free weekly e-letter available at The Morgan Report.

Recent Interviews

Two Companies Whose Innovative Technologies Could Revolutionize E-Waste Processing and Disrupt Mining (10/16/18)

David Morgan, publisher of The Morgan Report, discusses two companies that have come up with groundbreaking technologies that hold the potential to change the way E-waste is processed and the way mining is conducted.

Precious Metals Bull Market Will Continue in 2017, Says David Morgan (1/10/17)
Gold and silver

David Morgan, publisher of The Morgan Report, reflects upon his 2016 stock picks and discusses his expectations for 2017.

2015: A Year of Investing Perspective (12/28/15)
20 Year Gold Price Chart

As we at The Gold Report interviewed the investing stars in 2015, we saw some patterns develop. Whether it was in the wake of terror attacks, bond defaults, currencies (we are looking at you, Swiss Central Bank and China, decoupling from the euro and dollar respectively), political drama in the U.S., Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany or the long-rumored Federal Reserve interest rate hike, the call seemed to be for patience. Crises come and go, cycles have their way with commodities and then move on only to return again under another headline. Smart investors, according to the experts we interviewed, know that the way to weather these storms is to be diversified. The way to profit from them is to be contrarian. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and see what it tells us about the road ahead.

Recent Quotes

"Organic growth from Fire-Creek, Midas and True North should support KDX's growth through the end of the decade."

— David Morgan, The Morgan Report (1/10/17)
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"KDX is buying roughly $100M in value for about a third of that amount."

— David Morgan, (12/17/15)
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"SLW's Antamina deal will increase production by 5.1 Moz Ag initially."

— David Morgan, Silver Investor (11/4/15)
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"SLW is extremely undervalued by almost any metric."

The Gold Report Interview with David Morgan (9/21/15)
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"TV has pretty good silver exposure, so it is a win-win."

The Gold Report Interview with David Morgan (9/21/15)
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"You don't need to look much further than MAG if you're really a silver bull."

The Gold Report Interview with David Morgan (9/21/15)
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"BCM just released an updated feasibility study on the Corani project and it's exceeding our initial expectations."

The Gold Report Interview with David Morgan (9/21/15)
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"GCM has reduced all-in costs at Segovia."

— David Morgan, (1/22/15)
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