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Cranberry Capital Inc.

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Paul van Eeden is president of Cranberry Capital Inc., a private Canadian holding company. He began his career in the financial and resource sectors as a stockbroker with Rick Rule's Global Resource Investments Ltd. in 1996 and has actively financed mineral exploration companies and analyzed markets ever since. Paul is well known for his work on the interrelationship between the gold price, inflation and currency markets.

Recent Interviews

Paul van Eeden on Why Gold is Overvalued (11/28/12)

Many goldbugs like gold as a hedge against Federal Reserve policies and high inflation. Paul van Eeden, president of Cranberry Capital, says he does not fear high inflation due to Fed policies. Van Eeden is a different kind of goldbug and in this interview with The Gold Report, he explains how his proprietary monetary measure, "The Actual Money Supply," is the reason why.

Paul van Eeden: Finding Value Amidst Volatility (2/23/11)

Despite the risks and volatility inherent in the natural resources sector, market frothiness and the absence of fundamentals to support current valuations, Cranberry Capital Inc. President Paul van Eeden says, "there are always opportunities in the market." Find out where those opportunities exist in the current market and how to profit from them in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report.

Brent Cook: Tête-à-Tête with Paul van Eeden (10/11/10)

Renowned Exploration Analyst and Geologist Brent Cook produces the weekly Exploration Insights newsletter, covering geology and discoveries worldwide. In this interview, Brent catches up with former EI Writer Paul van Eeden. A fresh addition to Miranda Gold Corp.'s board of directors, Paul offers characteristically frank insights into gold and precious metals and shares several choice companies with The Gold Report.

Recent Quotes

"MRO has management that I trust."

The Gold Report Interview with Paul van Eeden (11/28/12)
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"represents good value and an attractive opportunity"

— Paul van Eeden, (2/23/11)
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"excellent management team and one of the best exploration teams in the business"

The Gold Report Interview with Paul van Eeden (2/23/11)
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"compelling investment"

The Gold Report Interview with Paul van Eeden (10/11/10)
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