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Sector Expert: Gianni Kovacevic

CopperBank Resources Corp.

Image: Gianni Kovacevic

Gianni Kovacevic is a Canadian-Croatian investor in natural resources and an established author. He has been a speaker at industry-related conferences around the world on the themes of natural resources, demographics and green energy. Having spent the past fifteen years investing in natural resources, he documents his interests into a unique business model that caters to both businesses and investors. Over the past decade he has provided valuable assistance in negotiated financings well in excess of $250 million from a large pool of global investors. Kovacevic's new book titled, "My Electrician Drives a Porsche?" was released in the summer of 2014 and complements over a decade of blogging about his interests and adventures. Sharing his time between Vancouver and various European cities, he is fluent in English, German, Italian and Croatian.

Recent Interviews

The Copper Denominator: Gianni Kovacevic (12/15/14)
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Gianni Kovacevic, the author of "My Electrician Drives a Porsche?" and executive chairman of CopperBank Resources Corp., takes a scientific view of historical, social and environmental trends in energy usage and identifies copper as the common denominator. As global energy usage increases, most of that energy flows through copper. In this interview with The Gold Report, Kovacevic discusses how his book explains his approach in understanding copper's investment opportunity in a scientific context, and the role of the company he founded to take advantage of this secular trend.

Gianni Kovacevic: China Growth and Energy Profits (4/15/10)

China is building an impressive amount of infrastructure," notes Kovacevic Consultants Principal Gianni Kovacevic, who forecasts continuing demand for, and increasing upside in, energy and resource stocks. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Gianni explains how China's infrastructure boom will continue, presenting great opportunities for investors.

Gianni Kovacevic: Planes, Trains & Automobiles (& Rickshaws) (4/14/10)

Is there a China bubble? Not according to Gianni Kovacevic, corporate development strategist and principal of Kovacevic Consultants. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Gianni says that China will continue to be the primary driver of fundamental demand for copper and other resources, presenting a great opportunity for investors.

Recent Quotes

"CBK's mandate is to acquire high-quality copper projects that have been adequately derisked."

The Gold Report Interview with Gianni Kovacevic (12/15/14)
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“worth keeping on the radar screen”

— Gianni Kovacevic, CopperBank Resources Corp. CBK:CSE (4/14/10)
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