Sector Expert: Tim Weintraut

Alpha Wolf Trading

Tim Weintraut is the CEO of Alpha Wolf Trading, whose mission is to help new and struggling day traders, swing traders, and long-term investors achieve sustainable success.​ Tim started Alpha Wolf Trading to provide an extremely affordable service for anyone looking to take a balanced approach to the markets. He has been running Alpha Wolf for the last eight years and providing educational content through Blog | Alpha Wolf Trading and his Youtube channel, For additional information, visit

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Companies Commented On

  • PetVivo Holdings Inc.
  • Red Cat Holdings Inc.
  • SQL Technologies Corp.

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Investors May 'Swarm' to This Drone Company With a Golden Opportunity

Red Cat Holdings, a hardware and software provider to the drone industry, continues to innovate, and this industry observer calls it a "strong player to keep an eye on."

Small Biomedical Device Co. Is Ready to Take a Big Step Into Success

After weathering some major setbacks, PetVivo Holdings Inc. is stepping it up. With their new product for osteoarthritis and the team's perseverance, they may soon show themselves as a diamond in the rough.

Electrical Tech Co. Teams With A-Lister to Make New Smart Product

Every once upon a time comes a new, groundbreaking technology that becomes the new industry standard. In 2007, Steve jobs brought us the iPhone, now SQL Technologies has pioneered the safe-smart SkyPlug.

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