Andrew Hecht

Seeking Alpha

Andrew Hecht is a commodities trader and analyst with over forty years of experience. He began his career at Philipp Brothers, the world's leading merchant physical commodities trading company, in the 1970s through the 1990s. He spent two decades with Philipp Brothers working in the commodities division, Salomon Brothers division, and at Phibro Energy. Hecht ran trading, sales, and marketing in a wide range of commodity products. He subsequently worked with banks, hedge funds, and institutions trading commodities and managing risk. The business took him around the globe to assist producers and consumers. Hecht has taught at the university level and writes prolifically on commodities for many portals. He has been one of the top-rated and followed contributors at Seeking Alpha over the past years. He is a partner at Bubba Trading and continues to analyze markets, teaching traders and investors via his newsletters, articles and seminars.

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