Richard Cavalli

Independent Investor

After attending USC, served as Securities Analyst and Big Block Trader for Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet from 1967 through 1971. Serial entrepreneur with extensive financial and industry network and experience. Represented several public and private companies providing consulting services and cost-effective Investor Awareness campaigns since 2012. Cavalli creates professional and compliant content and distributes through very effective and proven social media platforms. Cavalli only works with companies providing socially responsible products or services and management that he feels is able and up to the task of success.

Recent Articles

Stars Are Aligning for 'ESG' Airtest Shareholders 03/23/2023

Richard Cavalli explains his view that AirTest Corporation is an established provider of energy-saving and carbon footprint-reducing devices that are suddenly experiencing rapid industry uptake due to the energy crisis that began in 2022.

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