Dr. KSS is the founder and editor-in-chief of BioPub.co. He is an MD with an additional PhD in biochemistry, and for the past 20 years, in addition to practicing, being a researcher, and conducting clinical trials, he has been investing in biotech companies with great success. Dr. KSS earned his degrees at a top 10 U.S. institution, where he was an NIH scholar and graduated with top honors. He has extensive post-doctoral research experience and am board certified in internal medicine and also gastroenterology. His goal is to discuss companies and use discussions of their technology, their drugs or planned drugs, as ways of teaching about physiology and disease states, along with their issues and opportunities.

Recent Articles

Imagin Medical Is Bringing Cystoscopy into the 21st Century 01/21/2021

Dr. KSS, MD, PhD, editor-in-chief of PubBio.co, profiles a small cap that "is poised to bring to clinic a next-generation of must-have cystoscopy equipment."

A Novel, First-in-Class Blood Clotting Agent Takes Shape as a Bloody Compelling Investment 01/11/2021

Private start-up RxMP's safe way to stop bleeding inexpensively is already the envy of bigger players, states Dr. KSS, MD, PhD, editor-in-chief of PubBio.co. Can it go the distance through proof of concept?

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