Sector Expert: Hunter Diamond

Diamond Equity Research

Image: Hunter Diamond

Hunter Diamond, CFA, is the CEO of Diamond Equity Research, which is a global small capitalization equity research firm. Diamond Equity Research was created to assist small capitalization issuers with reaching retail and institutional investors and providing these companies the same distribution abilities large capitalization issuers take for granted, thereby helping smaller companies achieve a fair valuation. Diamond brings experience working in investment banking and equity research at Griffin Securities and National Securities, both emerging growth focused brokerages. While an investment banker, Diamond was involved in financings and mergers and acquisitions for emerging growth companies. After working in investment banking, Diamond founded Pathjump, which he scaled to thousands of users across the country. He holds his undergraduate and MBA degrees from Cornell University.

Recent Interviews

An Early-Stage Electric Vehicle Manufacturer in an Extremely High-Growth Market (12/22/17)
Electra Meccanica Solo

Hunter Diamond, CFA, founder of Diamond Equity Research, profiles a company that he believes offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in the clean, renewable and sustainable transportation market.

A New Breed of Regenerative Therapy Companies Taking Hold (12/7/17)

A regenerative therapy company with expertise in both cell therapy development and manufacturing, and a potential treatment for diabetes, differentiates this company, says Hunter Diamond, CFA, CEO of Diamond Equity Research.

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