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Sector Expert: Len Yaffe

Stoc*Doc Partners

Image: Len Yaffe

Len Yaffe has spent 30 years analyzing the healthcare sector, and he currently runs Stoc*Doc Partners, a healthcare hedge fund in San Francisco. He holds an MD from the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.

Recent Interviews

Why the Election Is Not as Relevant to Drug Stocks as You Might Believe (11/2/16)
Current Approaches to Rx Pricing 11-02-16

Due to drug pricing controversies, there has been much concern about how the outcome of the upcoming election will affect pharmaceutical stocks. Dr. Len Yaffe of Stoc*Doc Partners sheds light on the issues in this analysis of drug price negotiation policy, and focuses in on one California ballot proposition that aims to rein in costs.

Exploring Solutions to Healthcare's Spending Crisis (10/19/16)
Projected Growth in Population with Chronic Conditions

Rising healthcare costs continue to preoccupy providers, patients, politicians and investors. Some cost increases stem from inefficiencies in the medical system, some from social and demographic trends, and others are a function of profit motives on the part of insurers and a few drug companies. In this article for The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Len Yaffe of Stoc*Doc Partners reviews the issues and proposes some cures.

Recent Quotes

"There are few stocks with similar upside potential to DRRX."

— Len Yaffe, Seeking Alpha (3/23/18)
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"I continue to highlight DRRX, whose DUR-928 looks very promising, albeit in early stage clinical trials."

— Len Yaffe, Stoc*Doc Partners (12/20/16)
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"The recent weakness in pharmaceutical stocks affords an excellent buying opportunity in select names with promising pipelines, including DRRX.

The Life Sciences Report Article by Dr. Len Yaffe (11/2/16)
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"I am impressed with the very early data on DRRX's endogenous small molecule, DUR-928."

— Len Yaffe, Stoc*Doc Partners (10/20/16)
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