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UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

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Dr. Stuart Holden is Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Urology and Associate Director at the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology. Dr. Holden is recognized as an expert in prostate cancer research throughout the medical community. His dedication to patient care led to him being named medical director of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Prior to joining UCLA, Holden was the director of the Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the first holder of the Warschaw, Robertson, Law Families Chair in Prostate Cancer.

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What Andy Grove and Michael Milken Have Taught Us About Prostate Cancer (4/20/16)
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Solid tumors are typically managed with surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiation and biologics, but it's the secondary tumor mass, the metastasis, that kills patients. Dr. Stuart Holden of the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology understands the importance of targeting metastatic disease, which is driven by different genetic factors than the primary tumor from which it arose—a fact that oncologists are just now coming to grips with. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Holden describes an essential target in aggressive prostate cancers, and a drug with the potential to address that target and extend the lives of thousands of men.

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"I have put together an all-star team of medical oncologists to help ARNI both design its clinical trials and try to evaluate the science."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Stuart Holden (4/20/16)
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