Kolin Ozonian

Nobilis Health Corp.

Image: Kolin Ozonian

With more than a decade of experience, Kolin Ozonian has helped companies and their clients realize multimillion-dollar growth through mergers and acquisitions while overcoming financial, strategic and operational obstacles. Whether directly contributing to shaping a company's future, leading performance, or brokering deals, he thrives on gaining a competitive edge in an entrepreneurial culture. Prior to joining Nobilis Health Corp., Mr. Ozonian was instrumental in growing McKesson's Solutions Group to an internal firm dedicated to improving the business of healthcare via the execution of merger-and-acquisition transactions alongside strategic M&A advisory services, both in the United States and globally. In parallel, he spearheaded a five-year plan to quintuple the business through organic growth, new market penetration, acquisitions and funding. Directly impacting the evolution of the healthcare landscape, Mr. Ozonian's strategic execution has garnered bottom-line results, key capital and equity market positions, and an impressive global healthcare client roster. He's exceeded expectations in identifying and closing accretive acquisitions, in addition to negotiating strategic agreements with an emphasis on disruptive models that align with a consumer-driven healthcare environment. Currently, Mr. Ozonian heads up the corporate development division for Nobilis Health Corp., which includes all mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and investor relations.

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