Sector Expert: Mark Cuban

Image: Mark Cuban

Businessman, investor and philanthropist Mark Cuban was an entrepreneur from the early age of 12, when he sold garbage bags door-to-door. Today, Mark is the highly successful entrepreneur and investor who founded HDNet, and MicroSolutions. He has also been an investor in startups, including Mahalo,,,, Naked Pizza and He appears on the television series Shark Tank and wrote the book “How to Win at the Sport of Business.”

Recent Interviews

Did Mark Cuban and the Dow Just Prove Goldbugs Right? (2/12/16)

When celebrity investor Mark Cuban announces to the world that he is investing in gold, is that a sign that the ride up is just getting going, or that it has already peaked? The Gold Report reached out to long-time experts in the sector for a better understanding of what is moving the markets—negative interest rates, a topping dollar, Fed testimony, increased gold buying in China—and what that means for junior mining stocks in the coming months.

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