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Markus Bachmann has managed the Craton Capital Precious Metal Fund since its inception in 2003 and has more than 18 years experience managing/advising natural resources and related portfolios. Prior to cofounding Craton Capital in 2003, he held positions at Credit Suisse (corporate finance) and UBS (analyst and fund manager for SBC Brinson) in Zurich and Coronation Asset Management (senior PM and global resource specialist) in Cape Town, South Africa. He holds numerous awards for fund management.

Recent Interviews

Six Mining Companies that Pass Craton Capital's Shareholder-Centric Filter (11/5/15)
Gold price 1970 to present

From his perch in Johannesburg, Swiss-born Craton Capital Fund Advisor Markus Bachmann has been watching the metals price and cost cycles, and he has some good news. The days of mining company managements using shareholders to support their lifestyle may be nearing an end. He is seeing more companies run like a business, throwing off free cash flow even in a depressed price environment and providing opportunities to get in on the ground floor of turnaround stories. In this interview with The Gold Report, Bachmann shares six names from the portfolio that pass his rigorous resource and operational criteria tests.

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"GUY has the potential to create a lot of shareholder value."

The Gold Report Interview with Markus Bachmann (11/5/15)
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"MAG Silver has a very strong joint venture partner and a lot of exploration upside."

The Gold Report Interview with Markus Bachmann (11/5/15)
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