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Colin Lee Novick is cofounder and managing director of CJ PARTNERS. As an American born in South Korea and raised in Japan, Novick graduated from Japanese public school to study at Cornell University. After working as a management consultant at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting within the Financial Services Industry Group for three years, Novick sought out a new industry at SMBC Nikko Securities, where he facilitated mergers and acquisitions. In 2012, Novick and cross-cultural colleague Jason David Sieger founded CJ PARTNERS Inc. to assist in Japan Inc.'s development.

Recent Interviews

Companies Flocking to Japan for Biotech Deals (2/1/17)
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For the last two years, Japan has been at the forefront of accelerated approval for regenerative medicine products and has seen lots of licensing and contract manufacturing deals and M&A activity. Tokyo-based Colin Lee Novick, managing director of CJ PARTNERS, surveys the landscape, discussing recent tie-ups, the effects of the recently passed 21st Century Cures Act in the U.S., and what may lie ahead.

Regenerative Medicine in Japan: CJ PARTNERS' Colin Lee Novick (8/5/15)

Regenerative medicine is just beginning to be understood by governments and investors alike. Last autumn, new regulations took effect in Japan that promise to speed patient access to some of these new therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Colin Lee Novick, managing partner with CJ PARTNERS, describes Japan's regenerative medicine frontier and lists investment-worthy companies that are pushing the boundaries.

Recent Quotes

"The RGS-Asahi Glass deal is nicely designed."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Colin Lee Novick (2/1/17)
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"I would keep my eyes peeled on RP and Shiseido in the coming months for indications as to when the male pattern baldness therapy will become available in Japan."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Colin Lee Novick (2/1/17)
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"RGS is actively seeking Japanese partners for its adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell osteoarthritis drug, Progenza."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Colin Lee Novick (8/5/15)
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"The RGS-Asahi Glass deal is nicely designed; RGS gets the upfront payments and the milestone payments from AGC, but it also gets a portion of subsequent milestone payments and upfront payments from any pharmaceutical company that it teams up with for the commercialization rights."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Colin Lee Novick (2/1/01)
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