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Sector Expert: Jon Nadler

Kitco Bullion Dealers Montreal

Image: Jon Nadler

Jon Nadler's 33-year career has focused exclusively on the precious metals market and its related investment products. After graduating from UCLA Business School's management program, he established and managed several precious metals operations at major U.S.-based financial institutions, such as Deak-Perera, Republic National Bank and Bank of America. He currently is a metals market analyst for Kitco Metals Inc. and a consultant for the global precious metals community.

Recent Interviews

Jon Nadler: Navigating Gold's Warring Factions (12/8/10)

Jon Nadler has never been without gold. In fact, it actually helped saved his life. But that doesn't mean the senior analyst for Kitco Metals wants to see gold's sky-high price edge even higher. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Jon explains why gold is an insurance policy that investors should never want to cash in on.

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