John Hester

Bell Potter Securities Ltd

Image: John Hester

John Hester is a senior healthcare equities analyst at Bell Potter Securities. He is based in Sydney, Australia, and specializes in small and mid-cap healthcare, biotechnology and industrial stocks. Bell Potter is a leading Australian broker servicing institutional, high net worth and retail clients. Previously, Hester worked at LINWAR Securities and Select Equities, where he led the firms' coverage of the listed healthcare sector and diversified financials. Hester's experience in the healthcare sector is drawn from many years' experience at Primary Healthcare, where he gained firsthand experience in the operation of general practice, imaging and pathology from one of Australia's leading healthcare organizations. His network of contacts includes executives at the highest levels within numerous companies, fund managers, commercial banks and investment bankers. More recently, he has extended his expertise to certain biotechnology stocks and has considerable industry knowledge in the field of oncology and emerging therapies therein.

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