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Sector Expert: Jill Wahleithner

Wasatch Funds

Jill Wahleithner worked as a research scientist in both industry and academia for 10 years before moving to the financial industry as a biotech consultant. Since 2004, she has focused on reviewing the science of emerging biotechs for equity investment firms. In 2006, she signed an exclusive contract with Wasatch Advisors, and in 2014 transitioned to a full-time employee of Wasatch, where she helps company portfolio managers navigate the complex world of biotech.

Recent Interviews

Three Biotechs that Could Radically Change the Practice of Medicine Forever: Wasatch Analyst Jill Wahleithner (3/25/15)

Buyside analysts don't publish ratings and target prices for the public: Nearly all their notes, analyses and projections are top secret. However, in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wasatch Advisors' Jill Wahleithner breaks that tacit rule. Wahleithner, a former big pharma scientist, identifies three unusual biotechs with advanced therapeutic technology platforms that could turn the tide against conditions that have plagued humankind for eons, and the potential returns on investment matches the potential to completely and radically change the practice of medicine forever.

Recent Quotes

"INO's idea of using DNA, which is simple to make and cost-effective, to drive the body's natural immune response is just fascinating."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jill Wahleithner (3/25/15)
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