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Simon Tonkin has broad experience in the stockbroking industry, where he has worked for the last 15 years as a resources analyst in both Australia and Canada. He currently is senior research analyst at Patersons Securities in Perth. A move to Canada in 2006 resulted in Tonkin achieving his U.S. analyst registration and covering the base metals and uranium industries in both the Canadian and U.S. markets. During his tenure in Canada he regularly appeared on the North American Business News Network (BNN) and contributed to numerous print articles. He returned to Australia in 2010. He has travelled to mine sites in more than 40 countries, such as Kazakhstan, Peru and Chile. Tonkin holds a Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment from Finsia specializing in the Company Analysis stream.

Recent Interviews

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Energy investors are no strangers to boom-and-bust cycles. In fact, a number of the experts interviewed by The Energy Report in 2015 took a certain amount of glee in the opportunities they knew would open up in low-price markets for oil and gas, uranium and lithium. Let's take a trip around the world as we recall the words of wisdom these experts shared, and see if they can spark a better understanding of what we can expect during the next turn around the sun.

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Australia has a lock on a significant portion of the world's uranium reserves. Patersons Securities' Simon Tonkin is the go-to man for analyzing the Australian energy markets. In this interview with The Energy Report, Tonkin tells us how the uranium investment space works—and which junior explorers in Australia, Africa and North America look attractive as the price of yellowcake continues to stabilize.

Recent Quotes

"AZS has released further significant gold results from its Loma Bonita prospect."

— Simon Tonkin, Patersons Securities (11/15/16)
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"AZS has thus far defined c.100koz gold at Loma Bonita with potential to at least double that."

— Simon Tonkin, Patersons Securities (8/25/16)
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"AZS offers investors exposure to the silver market, following two exciting new precious metals discoveries at its Alacrán project in Mexico."

— Simon Tonkin, Patersons Securities (7/12/16)
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