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Sector Expert: Alain Vertes

NxR Biotechnologies GmbH

Image: Alain Vertes

Alain Vertès, Ph.D., M.B.A., is managing director of Basel, Switzerland-based NxR Biotechnologies, a consultancy that assists companies in funding, positioning and commercializing biotech products. He is an active business development consultant focused on technology deployment and innovation funding and commercialization. He has contributed to research (molecular biology, microbiology, sustainable chemistry), manufacturing (amino acids, enzymes), contract research (Battelle Memorial Institute, PPD), and strategic alliances in pharmaceuticals (Roche, Pfizer, Lilly), petrochemicals (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.), industrial biotechnology, public research and consulting. With worldwide experience in partnering and licensing groups of big pharmas, Vertes has led reviews of strategic needs for finding, implementing and managing partnerships, from licensing to M&As. With hands-on involvement in the deployment of radical innovation—for example, bringing to patients disease-modifying, paradigm-changing therapeutics—he has managed major siRNA alliances and has led global therapeutic stem cell initiatives.

Recent Interviews

Will Stem Cell Profits Measure Up?: NxR Biotechnologies' Alain Vertès (3/17/15)

It makes no sense to look at stem cell companies differently from drug or biologics companies. The technology may be different, but the diseases they seek to treat are the same. In fact, cell therapies may ultimately be more useful and more curative than drugs, and hence more valuable. That's the way Alain Vertès of NxR Biotechnologies sees it. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Vertès talks about some of the stem cell names he knows well, and draws comparisons investors can bank on.

Recent Quotes

"MSB's technology is rock solid."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Alain Vertès (3/17/15)
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"Right now, RP is positioned with very good potential."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Alain Vertès (3/17/15)
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"ATHX's Multistem could very well be among the first few products approved in Japan."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Alain Vertès (3/17/15)
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