Geert Kersten

CEL-SCI Corporation

Image: Geert Kersten

Geert Kersten, chairman and CEO of CEL-SCI Corporation, has served in his current leadership role since 1995. He has been with CEL-SCI since its inception in 1987, and has been involved in the pioneering field of cancer immunotherapy for almost two decades. Mr. Kersten also provides CEL-SCI with significant expertise in the fields of finance and law, and has a unique vision of how the company's Multikine product will change the way cancer is treated. Prior to CEL-SCI, Mr. Kersten worked at the law firm of Finley & Kumble, and worked at Source Capital, an investment banking firm located in McLean, VA. He is a native of Germany, graduated from Millfield School in England and completed his studies in the US. His undergraduate degree in is in accounting. He also received a master's degree in business administration from George Washington University, and a law degree from American University in Washington, D.C.

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