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Sector Expert: Carlo Civelli

Clarion Finanz AG

Carlo Civelli is the founder of Zurich-based Clarion Finanz AG and has over 30 years of experience in the venture capital and natural resources sector. During that time, Clarion Finanz AG financed hundreds of companies, mainly mining and oil and gas explorers, and at least a dozen of these early-stage investments developed into ~billion dollar market cap companies that are still listed, while others have been taken over by resource majors. Civelli also founded Pacific LNG Operations Ltd. in 2005, which on Feb. 25, 2014, sold its 22.8% interest in a gas field in Papua New Guinea, developed jointly with InterOil Corporation (NYSE: IOC), to Oilsearch Ltd. for $900 million plus further contingent payments. He is a Swiss national and a resident of Singapore.

Recent Interviews

When Junior Markets Turn Most Negative in 35 Years, Guess Where Financier Carlo Civelli Puts His Money? (3/10/15)
Bear market

After 30 years of investing in natural resources, financier and founder of Clarion Finanz Carlo Civelli has declared 2015 to be one of the worst natural resource investing markets he has ever seen. But he is still finding opportunities by funding some of his favorite management teams in neighborhoods where he sees an opportunity to prove resources and attract buyers. In this interview with The Mining Report, he shares his secret for finding companies that can create value despite challenging market conditions, and he reveals where he is putting his money today.

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"TGC's 3-D seismic tests compare favorably with one of the best producing portions of neighboring Senex."

The Mining Report Interview with Carlo Civelli (3/10/15)
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"CNX is onto something that could be very interesting."

The Mining Report Interview with Carlo Civelli (3/10/15)
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