Sector Expert: Debjit Chattopadhyay

ROTH Capital Partners

Debjit Chattopadhyay is a senior analyst at ROTH Capital Partners, covering the biotechnology sector with a focus on molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals. Before joining ROTH, Chattopadhyay was a senior healthcare analyst and director of research at Emerging Growth Equities. Prior to that, Chattopadhyay was a senior research analyst covering the life sciences sector with Boenning and Scattergood. Chattopadhyay received his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, and his masterís in business administration from Drexel University. Subsequently, he was an oncology research fellow at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where he was the recipient of the Laurie Strauss fellowship for excellence in research. Chattopadhyay has also been a consultant with brand and product teams at several large-cap pharmaceutical companies.

Recent Interviews

ROTH Capital's Debjit Chattopadhyay: Marriage of Diagnostics to New Therapies Breeds Biotech Winners (7/24/14)

pillsblack82Aging baby boomers face increased cancer risk, and growing numbers of obese and overweight Americans face metabolic disorders that could lead to cardiovascular disease. Debjit Chattopadhyay of ROTH Capital Partners recommends that biotech investors consider these trends when looking at portfolio options in the healthcare sector. A medical researcher turned biotech analyst, Chattopadhyay highlights several companies with unique diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in this interview with The Life Sciences Report.

Recent Quotes

"The new COO's expertise could be a key asset in NEO's product launch."

— Debjit Chattopadhyay, ROTH Capital Partners (9/30/14)

"NEO is one of the best-positioned and managed high-complexity oncology reference labs."

— Debjit Chattopadhyay, ROTH Capital Partners (9/10/14)

"NEO bolstered its balance sheet with ~$30M via a secondary offering."

— Debjit Chattopadhyay, ROTH Capital Partners (8/15/14)

"Our 2015 above-consensus NEO estimates could become the consensus."

— Debjit Chattopadhyay, ROTH Capital Partners (6/9/14)

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